Spokane Waste to Energy      

At the present time, only Code 1 and Code 2 plastic bottles or jugs may be turned in for recycling in Spokane County. Most Spokane County plastics are diverted to the waste-to-energy facility, where these fossil hydrocarbons are needed to sustain adequate BTU levels for Spokane's solid waste incineration.

Resin Code



1 = PETE (or PET)
Polyethylene Terephthalate

Commonly used to package soft drinks, water, beer, juice, sports drinks and other beverages, as well as edible oils, salad dressing, peanut butter, various condiments and sauces, and non-food products like household cleaners and personal products.

2 =  HDPE
High Density Polyethylene

Commonly used for milk, cider and water jugs, as well as detergent, fabric softener and bleach.

3 = V
Vinyl/polyvinyl Chloride (PVC

Often used for salad dressing bottles, vegetable oil bottles and mouthwash. NA

4 = LDPE
Low Density Polyethylene

Used for flexible bags for dry cleaning, trash, produce, bread and shrink wrap.  recycled LDPE is often used to make grocery bags. NA

5 = PP

Usually found in drinking straws, battery cases, some dairy tubs, bottle labels and caps. NA

6 = PS

Commonly used for materials like packaging peanuts, plastic utensils, meat and egg trays. NA


Other plastics are often made of multiple resins or layers of different types of plastics.  These may include microwavable packages, snack bags and industrial plastics. NA

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